The Simple, Effective Way to Straighten Teeth, ClearCorrect

ClearCorrectAppearances are important to people, and many of our patients gravitate toward aesthetic options for aligning teeth to improve smiles. ClearCorrect is one of those options. This product is a comfortable, convenient and invisible alternative to metal braces, and it is designed to gradually reposition teeth until you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

ClearCorrect uses a series of aligners, or custom clear plastic trays, to address orthodontic problems such as crowding, overbites, spacing issues and crossbites. ClearCorrect providers like Dr. Tom Mims know that braces patients are often insecure about their appearance and concerned about the limitations orthodontic treatment may place on their day-to-day life. With ClearCorrect braces, you can take comfort in knowing that your aligners are removable to accommodate brushing and eating. They also are virtually invisible.

ClearCorrect before afterOther benefits of the ClearCorrect system include:

  • Superior clarity (aligners don’t cloud from wear)
  • Works well for most teeth
  • Encourages and helps maintain good oral health
  • Easy-to-clean, customized trays that don’t cause discomfort or irritation
  • Flexible treatment that allows for convenient, short appointments

You may be a candidate for ClearCorrect braces if you:

  • Want straight teeth without the appearance of traditional braces
  • Seek a nonintrusive, convenient treatment option
  • Desire to improve the appearance, bite, overall health and/or alignment of your teeth
  • Are a child with all of your molars
  • Are a teenager, adult or senior who doesn’t have serious dental complications
  • Have crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Are an adult who wore braces as a child, but have experienced undesirable changes since

If you identify with any of the above statements, call our office for a consultation or visit the ClearCorrect website for more information.

Once Dr. Mims determines that you’re a candidate for this treatment, your dental records will be sent to ClearCorrect along with the prescription for your aligners. 3-D models of your teeth and a custom treatment plan will be crafted and sent for review by you and Dr. Mims. Once we’re both satisfied with your projected results, ClearCorrect will create your aligners using the latest in digital molding and mapping technology, and send them to us. You’ll receive your aligners in sets and only be required to attend periodic appointments to review the progress of your treatment plan.